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Our list of products:

Nwelle Pro Softening Shampoo for Anti-Frizz and daily moisturising care!
Nwelle Pro Detangling Conditioner to deeply hydrate and restore soft hair.
Nwelle Pro Nourishing Moisturiser is a leave-in conditioning treatment.
Nwelle Pro Hair Fresh.
Nwelle Pro Kit includes: Softening Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner & Nourishing Moisturiser

Owners, Researchers & Dermatologists

Dean of Clinical Medicine at UKZN

“I’m post menopause and my hair is grey, dull and fragile. The Nwelle hair range has brought life to my limping hair. Love it!”

– Sonia Retired Pharmacist


‘Ya…but it’s really great, as I say my hair is soft but I have really dry hair by nature. And it smells amazing. My daughter on the other hand has tight curl and hers is soft and moisturised’

– Dr Khoza Dermatologist


‘Hi Dr Dlova, I am trying the Nwelle hair care and loving it!! I am just playing with the amount of conditioner I use (I used too much initially). I am going to continue for another full week and then report from there. It has soothed down my dry ends really nicely thus far. My hair has also got nice body.’

– Sharon Wilkinson Marketing


‘I’m really enjoying the product. The leave in product is really making my hair thicker now I need to see if it will grow’

– Dr Nomhle Nwelle Pro User


‘Hi Prof, thank you so much for the lovely hair products. They were great to try out. I’m sorry for not acknowledging any sooner as I’ve used them twice already 🤦🏾♀️.’ My Husband and kids love them , infact, now im keeping my daughters hair natural and what better products to use for natural hair.”

– Khanya Mpumlo Marketing


‘I’m really loving the product. It works wonders on me, I normally have bad dandruff but ever since I started using Nwelle Pro range, my hair smells fresh and clean.’ Oh wow how can I forget, the Nwelle Hairfreshner, first of its kind, makes my hair feel fresh 24/7!

– Pretty Msimanga Administrator


“The product name “Nwelle” resonates with us being proudly African. ... The conditioner leaves my hair so soft, conditioner was not my thing, but I have realised the benefits of using the 3 step method especially for our dry African hair. ... Overall the products rock!!

– Mrs Bongiwe Xulu Banker


Love the whole range, it gives a lovely shine and amazing fragrance. OMG my hair feels extremely silky and full of volume! Never seen a product that’s been made to suit different ethnic hair types in one. Just shows hair specialists and scientist have been behind the formulation of this range.

– Dr Eva Plastic Surgeon


“Thank you Prof D for yet another invention, after discovering the gene that’s related to one of the most common causes of hair loss in Africans. I love the voluminising effect on my hair and the silky feel. I usually like to run my fingers thru my hair when reading, it is such a pleasant feeling, I don’t have to pull my hair anymore”

– Dr Antoinette Dermatologist


“Wow !! I'm in the cosmetic industry and as a scientist I understand the science behind the ingredients , I don’t know how you came up with this end product, its just amazing!”

– Bongiwe Scientist


“I have very thick natural hair, and have a condition called trichotillomania (which is compulsive pulling of kinky hair, an equivalent of nail biting or lip biting). I promise you since using Nwelle Pro my hair feels silky and soft, and I don’t have to pull it anymore.”

– Sizwe Varsity student


“I have long relaxed hair and like to keep my hair soft, goodbye to greasy shirt collars and scrubs, greasy hairfoods”

– Nandi Medical student